Elite Machined Ultralight X Beam with CNC XY Joints for Voron V2.4 and Trident with Titanium Hardware

Size: 250mm
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Great, but not perfect

It should be very nice once installed (I've only assembled it. I haven't yet installed.) Very thoughtful design and I can see several advantages to it. As an incredibly useful bonus, West3D includes the hardware required for installing this, including M5 bolts (for the XY joints) and M3 bolts for attaching your linear rail. Will this make your printer wash dishes? Of course not. However, the weight reduction and sturdiness just might allow a bit more acceleration.

However, the product isn't perfect. As much time as must have gone into machining this, and considering the cost, some of the M5 holes were either poorly tapped, or something was done to muck up the threads. Screwing into some of them felt like trying to screw through threads with a poor paint job, or even like they were cross-threaded.

Very well made

Super well made. Looks amazing. Performs very well!

Justin Hardin

Do you need it? NO. Do you want it? YES.
it's functional art. Used it in my second Voron 350 build and it's GREAT. It gave me joy installing it.

This was my first time working with titanium machining. Yes, I had to put 4 bolts in my drill bit and smooth the non threaded shaft with a nail file for them to fit, because tolerances are TIGHT. When screwing in titanium bolts to the 'bottom' end of a CNC tap the first few threads were tight/dodgy (risk of cross threading). I ended up screwing in from the 'top' of the tap to clean the threads then all went well with the bottom bolts. That was the challenge, but the reward is so sweet. I don't have performance results yet because my second voron is JUST now getting up and running, but wanted to get this feedback out there. If you want a GUCCI light X rail (91 grams lighter after rail + fasteners + plastic, I measured) that will make you happy every time you watch your printer print, then buy it!


Use Gates Branded Idlers! We offer an addon option for Berserker Bearings and Genuine Gates idlers.

Get your backers for this beam here!

The Elite Ultralight X Beam with two piece interlocking XY Joints using precision shafts for the pulley and bearings (we recommend using our Berserker ABEC-9 bearings) for Voron V2.4 and Trident combines rigid CNC'd construction while maintaining a light profile (weighing approx. 134g for a 350 beam). 

A perfected design, the Elite Machined Ultralight X Beam by Common Anomaly Productions (portion of the sale has been paid to the designer to support his work) provides a lower profile while increasing stiffness and reducing thermal expansion over a standard 2020 extrusion. The design also helps to reduce the chances of damaging your belts over time from against your idler bearings. 

To add to the unparalleled features, these are absolutely stunning, anodized black with a highlighted Voron Design logo and accent chrome face. Unlike other lightweight beams on the market, these will NOT sag on you.

These are designed to use 6mm belts and a 12mm (MGN12) rail, though people have used a 9mm successfully (12 is still recommended!)


This kit comes with a set of hardware (Titanium as of 8/22) to install, the shoulder bolts (used by all 3 exclusive vendors) may require some sanding during installation.

More information about this product can be found on the githubs below:

BeamXY Joints

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