Enraged Rabbit Carrot Feeder (ERCF) Kit - 6 Patch (ERCP)

Carrot Patches: 6 Patch
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This project aims to bring multimaterial capabilities to 3D printers using a single Direct Drive toolhead. While this project is mainly dedicated to be used on VORON printers, it can also be used (or adapted) on any 3D printer that runs Klipper, and potentially RRF.

See more information on GitHub

This listing comes with all the components (except for printed parts) to make your multi-material ERCF unit, along with 6 Carrot Patches. Want more patches? We sell them here.

For a detailed list of items included see below:

There are four components of this kit, the ERCF (From GitHub):

  • The Enraged Rabbit Carrot Feeder (ERCF). The Carrot Feeder allows to use a high number of different filaments (tested up to 9 channels so far) and feed them, one at a time, into the printer toolhead. The ERCF gear motion system (i.e. what is used to push and pull the filament) is based on the Voron Design M4 extruder. The ERCF was inspired by the Prusa MMU2 and the Smuff.

Carrot Feeder

  • The Enraged Rabbit Carrot Patch (ERCP). It is a light spool-holder and buffer combo to help you deal with the filament
    management issue associated with multimaterial systems.

Carrot Patch

  • The Enraged Rabbit King's Seat (ERKS). The King’s Seat is a pellet-purge system to remove the need for a wipe-tower and make faster filament purges. This system is designed for Voron V2s only so far.
  • The filament sensor : a filament sensor system located below the extruder gears to check proper loading and unloading of filament.

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