Galileo 2 Kit by JaredC01 (LDO Motors) - G2E, G2Z and G2XL (G2ZXL) (Extruder and Z Drive Kits)

LDO MotorsSKU: G2E

Style: Galileo 2 Extruder
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Can't wait to test it out


Very nice kit, well worth the money.

Rusty Russell
Great extruder kit!

This is a well designed extruder. I opted for the G2E with my Stealthburner head vice the G2SA. The kit and finish on all the gears is excellent, and so far it's been a great kit.


Here, finally, is the upgrade/replacement to the Galileo 1 Extruder!  We have both the G2E a Voron Stealthburner drop-in Extruder and G2Z (G2ZXL) Z-Drives for V2-style printers (including V2, Micron, etc.).

From the official GitHub project page:

  • Galileo 2 is a full redesign, moving to a 9:1 gear ratio and optimizing the gearbox design over Galileo 1. No parts from Galileo 1 are reused with Galileo 2.
  • Custom 9T stepper with a taller spur gear resulting in 20% higher contact surface area than existing 10T stepper designs, resulting in better wear characteristics and power transfer.
  • Proper meshing of gears due to number of stepper teeth being divisible by number of planets (9T sun / 3 planets), which gives even loading on the planets / sun gear and improves wear characteristics and power transfer. Previous designs with 10T steppers had uneven loading on the planet gears.
  • G2XL uses Nema17 (LDO-42STH40-1684AC) which are considerably larger and provide more holding torque 

For printed parts and to learn more about the project please check out JaredC01's GitHub page:

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