Hardware Kit for DIY 3D printer Belt Tension Meter - by PF Makes


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Easy mode!!!

Absolutely love this tool! Printed my own, highly recommend buying one or making your own this makes tensioning belts evenly so much simpler than trying to use an app and plucking belts!!!!


has everything you need, just print your own parts

Nick Biller
Great kit

This is a great kit. It was fairly easy to put together.

The trick is to have the right amount of squish and elephant foot compensation on the first layer for printing the parts. With too much squish, the gears don't mesh well.

Using this I determined that I had over-tensioned the belts in my Voron 2.4. It was fairly easy to adjust the belts to the correct tension.


Hardware Kit for DIY 3D printer Belt Tension Meter

Want to build a tensioner all by yourself (warning, tolerances are tight!) - well you masochist, here you are. Here's all the little giblets you need. 

If you want one all made up any pretty we have it here.

Complete hardware kit for the PF Makes Belt Tension Meter Kit (DIY option).
If you've chosen to print your own Belt Tension Meter this kit contains all of the BOM hardware to get you up and running. All you need to do is print the parts, assemble, and calibrate.

This comprehensive kit contains the following:

1 x BOM spec compression spring
1 x Precut and deburred tempered calibration wire
1 x M3x35 socket head cap screw
1 x M3x7 socket head cap screw
1 x M3x8 stainless steel washer
2 x M2x10 socket head self tapping screws
1 x Packet of Superlube PTFE grease
1 x 3mm drill bit
1 x Cotton swab w/beleved end for applying grease

For detailed instructions and STL files for printing please visit my Github page here

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