Complete Assembled Hartk ERCF V3 Rabbit Toolhead PCB w/ Connectors

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Super fast shipping helpful staff and great service

Gary D
Perfect - Better than competitors

I have to say that I'm very impressed with the tool head PCB I got from West3D. While it wasn't a "Stealth Burner" compatible PCB, it is the ERCF version, and unlike many competitors, West3D supplied the needed microfit and JST connectors with pins. In other words, everything needed except wire cutters and crimpers.


This comes completely assembled with no need for soldering anything on the PCB. It also comes with all pins, as well as all connectors, including that 14-pin Microfit that is elusive for everyone. 

This board includes additional features for the enraged rabbit carrot feeder, as well as lets you select voltage for fans/probes (24v/5v) and offers filament runout support. 

Standard V4 Toolhead features also included:

  • BAT85 Diode for abl probe
  • Indicator LED to show when hotend is on
  • 2/3/4 pin headers for most components on the toolhead
  • 2 Pin Microfit 3.0 for the heater
  • 0805 pkg thermistor to be used as a chamber temperature
  • 14 Pin Microfit 3.0 for the main connector back to the MCU
  • the main wiring harness connector is Here
  • 20awg should be fine for 24v, GND, and HE0 and 24awg for everything else

This board was designed to make wiring the toolhead a bit easier, to help get rid of some of the crimps needs on these wires.

Since this board has provisions for the X endstop, this should be compatible with V1, V2, and Switchwire

Additional Information can be found here.

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