Complete Assembled Hartk ERCF V3 Rabbit Toolhead PCB w/ Connectors

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This comes completely assembled with no need for soldering anything on the PCB. It also comes with all pins, as well as all connectors, including that 14-pin Microfit that is elusive for everyone. 

This board includes additional features for the enraged rabbit carrot feeder, as well as lets you select voltage for fans/probes (24v/5v) and offers filament runout support. 

Standard V4 Toolhead features also included:

  • BAT85 Diode for abl probe
  • Indicator LED to show when hotend is on
  • 2/3/4 pin headers for most components on the toolhead
  • 2 Pin Microfit 3.0 for the heater
  • 0805 pkg thermistor to be used as a chamber temperature
  • 14 Pin Microfit 3.0 for the main connector back to the MCU
  • the main wiring harness connector is Here
  • 20awg should be fine for 24v, GND, and HE0 and 24awg for everything else

This board was designed to make wiring the toolhead a bit easier, to help get rid of some of the crimps needs on these wires.

Since this board has provisions for the X endstop, this should be compatible with V1, V2, and Switchwire

Additional Information can be found here.

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