Keenovo Fermio Style Silicone Heater / Heating Pad

KeenovoSKU: KE0016185

Size: 110x110 60W 24V w/ 150C Built-in Thermostat
Adhesive: YES - standard option
Sale price$29.99

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Great for Trident

Fits very well on my Voron Trident!

Nice Heater

I'm using the 240mm version (with adhesive) on my Trident. Works really well, even out to the edges.

It does a surprisingly good job of heating up the chamber.


When it comes to the main components of your printer, you don't want to skimp on a no-name product with unverified quality and reliability. This is why we went directly to the source to bring you an assortment of heater pads from Keenovo.

This page is for the "Fermio" style Keenovo Heater Pads, which has cutouts specifically designed to work around the spec slots and cutouts for the Voron build plates. (Note, some kit build plates are not made to spec and this may not fit on those. Buy a spec build plate such to work with this. The West3D carried build plates will work with these).

The cutouts allow these heater pads to be larger, and therefore apply heat to a greater surface area of your build plate than a traditional pad.

For added safety all heaters come with a self resetting bi-metal 150C thermal fuse. This turns off the heater if temperatures reaches 150 C due to technical failure of your electronics (only meant as a safety feature, not for temperature regulation).

Thermistor used is a NTC 100K thermistor (Beta 25/50 3950K-1%)

We carry multiple sizes. Generally, you want a heater pad pad that is a little smaller than your build plate. For instance:

If you have a:

350mm build plate go with a 340mm pad

300mm build plate go with a 290mm pad

250mm build plate go with a 240mm pad

120mm build plate go with a 110mm pad

We DO offer pads without adhesive, if you want those choose the “no adhesive option.” Please note if you do choose this option you will need to find a way to proper secure these to the aluminum bed.

Please review excerpt from Keenovo's Product Page:


  • Please choose the suitable voltage version for your printer. For buyers within the EU, please buy the 220V version directly from Fermio Labs.
  • All pads come with 3M adhesive backing for excellent and easy mounting. Select the no adhesive option if you do not wish to have the 3m backing.
  • Comes with a free NTC 100K thermistor ( Beta 25/50 3950K-1%, Click Here for the R-T datasheet. Choose type 11 or 13 in Marlin firmware.) unless specified otherwise.


  • Heaters may get super hot. Please handle with care.
  • Before purchase, please kindly check if the hole pattern fits your build plate.
  • Red wires are the Thermistor sensor extenstion wires, white wires are for voltage supply to the heating element.
  • A supporting frame/layer is strongly suggested to have the heating element "sandwiched" tightly for better heating result. Please kindly check this post about a Perfect Installation.
  • If your heater does not come with a Keenovo Digital controller, you may want to wire it via an SSR, please kindly check this post on SSR Wiring.
  • As we receive customer feedback, we do make small alterations to our products if we feel they improve the their performance and stability. The item(s) you receive might reflect some of these slight changes and improvements.

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