LDO-42STH40-1684L300E / ET / LDO42STH40-1684CL350ET with upgraded Teflon Coated Lead Screw TR8X4 Voron Edition NEMA 17

LDO MotorsSKU: LD0002115

Style: Non-Coated (Standard) - 300ET
Sale price$34.99


This your LDO Z Motor for your Voron V1 (Trident, etc.) with a 300mm output shaft and a TR8X4 nut.


NEMA 17 1.8 degree step angle, 200 Steps, 1.68A, 450mN-m holding torque, 40mm body with a 300mm output shaft and TR8x4 nut.

We carry these in three variants, standard (see picture) and Teflon coated, the Teflon Coated motors will not need to be greased ever! The third variant is for the popular Trident "Cube" or a Trident with a 300mm Z-Height, this is also Teflon coated.

Note: The price included is for 1 unit, if you need 2 you need to add 2 to your cart. 

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