LDO Voron Tap Complete Kit 5v / 24v

Voltage: 24v (Works on both 5v and 24v)
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Complete and what I needed

Had all the parts, clearly labeled. What more could I ask for?

Works a treat

Coming from a delta with similar technology, having the probe and z endstop being both the same mechanism and measured by the nozzle really simplifies things. No offsets. No routines to move off the print surface to hit a special spot. No docking/undocking. No issues with different nozzles.

Doesn't damage powder coated or softer "sticker" style surfaces.

Matt Graham
Great Kit

No complaints, West3D support was "tap" notch.


Because of demand of this kit, we will be carrying multiple versions - this is LDOs version. 

It's here, Voron Tap - complete PCB with optical sensor pre soldered, rail w/ carriage and hardware. Printed parts can be found here.


Tap is a drop in replacement for the X carriage which includes a nozzle probe mechanism. For Voron Trident and V2 Printers.

Kit RevA contains:

  • Tap photosensor V2.4.1 (OPB971N51, 5-24V)
  • Linear Rail stainless steel SLR9H-1R-50Z1-E5
  • Hardware Kit
  • 1 x M3 hex nut
  • 6 × M3 washers
  • 2 × M3x20 SHCS
  • 2 × M3x16 SHCS
  • 1 × M3x12 SHCS
  • 3 × M3x8 SHCS
  • 2 × M3x10 BHCS
  • 1 × M3x6 SHCS
  • 2 × M3x6 FHCS black oxide fully magnetic screws
  • 10 × M3x6 BHCS
  • 11 × Heatset inserts
  • 2 × 6x3mm N35 Magnets

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