Leviathan Controller Board MCU by JNP, Voron Design and LDO Motors for Klipper Printers


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Want a seriously wicked controller board, designed specifically around VORON? Well here it is!


Why another board?

There was a time when the boards available on the market were either unreliable or just too feature rich. This gave Voron the idea to create their own board.

The target was to implement only the really essential functions that a Voron printer needs (maybe it turned out to be a bit more in the end). It quickly became clear that not everyone can build such a board themselves.

So they looked for a partner who could take on this task and also offer it on the market. This is how the cooperation with LDO came about.

At LDO it would also fit well into the portfolio with the existing kits. So the way was clear for both sides.

Thus the project Leviathan was born.




This Board is designed and developed for Voron printers. It provides all necessary functions. These are the main features:

  • Supports Klipper firmware

  • STM32F446 MCU

  • 1x Vin 24V Mainsupply (polarity and overvoltage protected)

  • 1x Vin 24-48V TMC5160 supply (polarity and overvoltage protected)

  • 5x TMC2209 onboard drivers (24V)

  • 2x TMC5160 onboard drivers (24-48V), onboard 12V source for gate drive

  • 4x Thermistor inputs

  • 4x Fan outputs (with tacho signal support, 5/24V via jumpers)

  • 1x Probe input (5/24V via jumper)

  • 1x Filamentsensor input (5V tolerant)

  • 1x Neopixel output

  • 3x Endstop inputs (5V tolerant)

  • 1x Hotend heater output (max. 180 W, 7.5 A)

  • 1x Heatbed heater output (max. 240 W, 10 A)

  • 1x dimmable LED-strip output (350mA constant current source)

  • 1x EXP1 port

  • 1x EXP2 port

  • 1x Extension port (4x ADC, 1xUART, 1xSPI or 1xCAN, 10GPIO, 3.3V@0.5A, 5V0.5A, 24V@0.5A)

  • 1x STM32 programmer interface (backup)

  • 1x USB-C interface

  • 1x CAN Bus interface (MicroFit 3.0 connector)

  • 1x RPi Powersupply (5-pin JST-XH connector with UART support)

  • Mountig holes for RPi Zero 2W and RPi3/4

  • Better stepper driver cooling

  • Dimensions: 170x100mm, Mounting holes: 160x90mm

Manual as of 11-17-2023 is here.

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