Linneo DIY FEP Wiring Harness Kit for Voron 2.4 / Trident

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Fantastic quality wiring kit with everything necessary for DIY except for tools!

High quality hookup wire

Most of what you're paying for in this kit goes toward the premium 20AWG and 24AWG FEP hookup wire. I'm not sure what the strand count on the 20AWG wire is, but the 24AWG wire is a 40-strand conductor, which is very high-- and very expensive. If you're planning to use cable chains where your wires will constantly be bending, rubbing, and flexing, these are likely worth the investment. Beyond that, the kit has everything you need-- larger diameter wire for the mains, terminators, Neopixels, etc.


If you want to have the experience of wiring yourself with all the bits and pieces you need without the painful process of sourcing each individual connector, wire etc. this is the kit for you. 

This kit comes directly from Linneo, a trusted name of quality wiring harnesses in the Voron community. Each kit comes with the following components:

Description Quantity
Nylon Cable Ties 50
20AWG Linneoflon FEP wire (meters) 9
24AWG Linneoflon FEP wire (meters) 70
18AWG Helukabel PVC wire for mains (meters) 6
M5 Ring Terminals 5
Spade Crimp Terminal 4.8mm Female 25
Insulated Crimp Receptacle 10
JST XH Connector Plug 4 Position 10
JST XH Connector Plug 2 Position 15
JST XH Connector Plug 3 Position 10
MicroFit3 Connector Plug 4 Position 4
MicroFit3 Connector Plug 3 Position 3
MicroFit3 Connector Plug 2 Position 6
MicroFit3 Connector Receptacle 4 Position 4
MicroFit3 Connector Receptacle 3 Position 3
MicroFit3 Connector Receptacle 2 Position 6
JST XH Female Pin 60
MicroFit3 Female Pin 50
MicroFit3 Male Pin 50
Wago 2 Slots
Wago 5 Slots
RGBW LEDs for Sealthburner
.75 Ferrules
Shrink Tube Labels Pack

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