Micron Plus 180 Self-Source Configurator by West3D (Printers for Ants)

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There should be no other Micron like YOUR Micron, so stop buying a kit to build someone else's Micron. Welcome to West3D's signature Configurator for the Micron 180. 

This is offered as a pre-sale, expect a pre-shipment notification in about 2 weeks following your order. Due to the nature of configurators we may discuss potential alternatives to get your kit out faster

ONLY AT WEST3D - We are giving you a free name plate for every kit you get serial'd!


What is a Configurator?

The only way to really make your printer is to either:

1. Buy a kit, and replace a bunch of parts you didn't like (quality, type, performance). This is costly, and you end up with a bunch of waste, and a hodgepodge of items you may or may not need to get your printer working.

2. Self-Source, this route is tried and true, but it's a pain in the butt - and expensive.

With West3D's signature configurator get rid of all that messy sourcing work, we've done it for you, here is our version of the 'easy button'. We've put together what we feel is the best quality and most complete base kit on the market by some distance (see BOM below) and left the benefits of self-sourcing intact so you can make the Micron that is the best fit for you. This configurator gives you the benefit of a large order discount, saves you sourcing 'screen-time', all with the benefit of working with a US based source who can provide prompt support. 

Unlike other Micron Kits, this comes with a custom designed wiring harness we put together and tested (please let us know if you recommend any changes!), a Raspberry Pi, Hot End, Electronics - everything really except for printed parts and tools you need to build your kit. (Note, still this is a configurator, there is a possibility you may need additional fasteners, wire etc. if you deviate too far from the chosen path). 

To be successful at building a Micron Plus using this configurator you will require working knowledge of 3D Printers, electronics, wiring/crimping, coding and have patience (amongst we're sure other things.) 

If there are configurations you'd like to see added please let us know (info@west3d.com).

For specific STLs and information about our configurator, please visit our github

Please note:

We are stocking up on products to provide a steady supply, this is currently offered as Pre-sale. We are waiting on custom designed edge to edge heaters, but besides that our kits are ready to ship. Based on your selection it is possible we will not have all products available in warehouse and will be waiting on shipment before your order can ship out. If this occurs we will reach out approximately 1 week following your order to inform you. 

When we are NOT in Pre-sale, this item is expected to ship in about 1 week after the order is placed. For Pre-Sales, we ask you to please expect roughly 4 weeks for shipment, though this is not a guarantee. Pre-sales are refundable up until the date of shipment less a 3.5% transaction fee (the approximate cost we incur). Configurator orders are not eligible for additional promotional offers. 

Removing the hot-end means you will not receive a heater cartridge and thermistor, if you need those please add them manual from our product listings. 

Category Component QTY Removable Configurable Note
Hardware SS304 BDF Fastener Kit 1 Yes No
Motion F623-2RS Bearings 32 No Yes
Berserker Motion Upgrade
625 2RS Bearings 8 Yes Yes
5x50mm Shaft - Ground Flat 4 No No
Linear Rail MGN7H 6 Yes No
Berserker Upgrade included - pleae don't skim out on rails. Future upgrade for high temp variant may be availble.
Configurable if using BOOP (near future)
Linear Rail MGN9C 1 Yes Yes
KGLM-03 Bearings 4 Yes No IGUS - it's the best
GT2 16T Pulley (5mm bore, 6mm wide) 14 No Yes
Gates Configuration Option (In Berserker Motion Upgrade)
GT2 Belt Loop (6mm wide) - 188mm 4 No Yes
GT2 Open Belt LL-2GT-6 (6mm wide) 6000 No Yes Gates EPDM (in Berserker Motion Kit)
Vibration Management Rubber feet 4 No No
Electronics Octopus 1 No Future Testing Leviathan
TMC 2209 stepper driver 7 No Future Testing Leviathan
Raspberry Pi 3B+ or Better 1 Yes No
Micro SD Card 1 No No
LDO Micron Motor Kit 1 Yes Future Testing other options, space is at a premium, but moons upgrade possible at later date
3010 24V Axial Fan 1 Yes Future Testing Berserker Vindr
4010 Blower Fan 2 Yes Future Testing Berserker Vindr
4010 Axial fan 2 Yes Future Testing Berserker Vindr
Omron D2F switch 3 No No
C13 Power Cable 1 No No
AC inlet - Adam Tech IEC-GS-1-100 1 No No
5x20mm 10a fuse 1 No No
Meanwell UHP-200 1 Yes No If you have suggestions of other PSU's that work let us know, space is at a premium
Rapdio HF Hot End 1 Yes Yes Revo, Rapido UHF, Dragonfly, other options coming...
VHB Tape 1 No No
Omron G3NA-210B-DC5 (10A) or Crydom D2425 (25A) or Crydom 84134000 (10A) SSR or Panasonic AQA211VL (15A) 1 No Yes PANASONIC
Extruder BMG Internals 1 Yes Yes RNC Internals, Orbiter 2.0, Galileo G2E, BMG clone
Frame 1 No Yes DLL PDF Custom Color Frame
Wiring West3D Micron Wiring Harness 1 No No
Zip Ties 2mmx100mm 50 No No
JFLO 2-hole Cable Chains 1 No No CHECKING JFLO
Buildplate DLL PDF Aluminum Build Plate (MIC6) 1 Yes Yes DLLPDF Mag Bed
West3D Micron 180 Build Surface with Magnet 1 Yes Yes Black, Single Sided Smooth
West3D Micron / SF 180 Universal Silocone Hear (120V 300W) 1 No No NEED TO ORDER CUSTOM HEATER
Panels Full Acryrlic Panel Set 2 No Near Future ACM Fully Enclosed Panel Set
Bowden Bowden Collet 1 No No
Bowden Tube 2M No No
Misc. PG7 Cable Gland 2 No No
6x3 magnet 16 No No 18
Din Mount 1 No No
Pancake Board 1 Yes Future - CAN
3 Port Wagos 3 No No
5-5 fast conenctor 1 No No
Display PiTFT 43 1 Yes Future - Exploring Options

If you have questions or wish to get an estimate of current timelines please email us at info@west3d.com or message us on the #west3d channel on the Voron Discord Server. The below table is illustrative, we apologize but it is not fully up to date with configuration options. 

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