Nevermore V5 XL Duo / Duo Complete and Built Kit

Style: XL Duo for v2.4
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The Nevermore V5 Duo is a 2 fan, activated carbon filter for enclosed printers that removes VOCs and reduces the odor from filaments like ABS or ASA that release fumes. It can be mounted on most printers. There is a version specifically for the V0/V0.1, make sure to select this option if you plan on mounting the Nevermore on one of these printers.

This kit includes:

  • Fully assembled Nevermore V5 Duo (including wiring)
  • Small bag of carbon (non acid washed)

We recommend purchasing additional carbon, as you'll need to replace it about every 30 days. West3D offers acid-free, coconut based activated carbon that you can purchase here

For more information about the Nevermore V5 Duo, and additional sourcing options for activated carbon, visit the Nevermore Github page. 

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