Orbitool Toolhead PCB Board for Orbiter 2 (O2) and Smart Orbiter 3 (SO3) by LDO Motors

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Size: For Orbiter 2
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You asked, and it's here! A PCB optimized for Orbiter featuring the orbiter sensor, accelerometer for input shaping, a TMC2209 stepper driver all with USB communication - it's kind of nice.

Should a tool-board magic smoke come out because of user error? Why?

Should a tool-board be destroyed by a fault in your 3D printer? Why?

The answer is NO! And this is what this tool-board is all about!

We are hobbyists, and let’s face it, we do mistakes, and when the magic smoke shows up everybody is disappointed, even if we know it’s a user fault. In this board, I promise you the magic smoke is kept inside extremely tight!

Some of the main features:

• Optimized for Orbiter v2 and SO3 shape and features including orbiter sensor

• STM32F042 microcontroller running on 48MHz

• Automotive USB communication with Raspberry PI

• Onboard LIS2DW12 accelerometer

• TMC2209 extruder stepper driver

• Direct connection to Orbiter v2 sensor

• PWM controlled fan outputs

• DC-DC converter based Hot-end fan driver, compatible with 12/24V fan types with RPM speed input signal

• Hot-end temperature sensor input compatible with standard NTC or PT1000 temperature sensor types


• I/O for bed level sensing

• X-Stop sensor input

• RGB LED driver output

• Onboard temperature sensor

• Advanced thermal management system

Manual for Orbiter 2

Manual for Smart Orbiter 3

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