PCB Klicky Probe Kit - Complete

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Does the bees have knees? Or just PCBs?

This should be easier to put together than the traditional Klicky - magnets falling out, no more! This fits the same form factor, docks and mounts as the standard Klicky Probe. 

This is a complete set, including printed parts specific for the PCB assembly (some klicky printed parts still required), assembled PCB and hardware.

Based on two legends: the Klicky Probe by JosAr and the Euclid Probe

This design attempts to replicate Klicky as closely as possible using a PCB-based design, to try and achieve the following aims:

  1. Reduce the problem of magnets working lose or seating poorly in printed parts
  2. Increase the current being switched, which might possibly result in a longer switch lifetime.
  3. Add LEDs.

For more information check out the GitHub page.

This is not compatible with Voron V0.


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