Polymaker PolyMide™ CoPA

Color: Black (HEX Code - ⌗101820)
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In case you're wondering about the preview image, it's correct. You actually get 0.75 kg (750g).

I do think the filament is interesting though. It's about as easy to print as PLA. Sticks right down and stays stuck. Right after printing, it has a somewhat slick feeling, but it also feels dense. Maybe like ABS? After annealing, the resulting product feels both sturdy and lightweight. Umm, like holding a hollow charcoal briquette (I was printing a motor housing for one of my voron's feet)

Even though it says you do not need one, I would recommend the enclosure. This filament gives off an unpleasant odor as it melts. After thinking about it, it smells very similar to mulch (not the nice-smelling pine kind, the sour-smelling one soaked in liquid fertilizer or something)...so having something to keep it isolated will help your sanity. Or maybe the reason why I could smell it is because I kept the fumes in a small box and let it concentrate since I've seen others claim that this should give off less odor than PLA. Not sure.


PolyMide™ CoPA is based on a copolymer of Nylon 6 and Nylon 6,6. The filament combines excellent strength, toughness, and heat resistance of up to 180˚C. 
  • Does PolyMide™ CoPA requires an enclosed printer?

No, all our Nylon features our Warp-Free™ Technology which means it does not require a heated bed or heated chamber of more than 50˚C.
PolyMide™ CoPA can be printed on a 30-40˚C bed without enclosure.

  • Printing, Drying and Annealing Settings?

Printing Temperature: 250˚C - 270˚C
Bed Temperature: 25˚C - 50˚C
Printing Speed: 30mm/s - 50mm/s
Fan: OFF

Direct Drive:
Retraction Distance: 3mm
Retraction Speed: 50mm/s
Indirect Drive:
Retraction Distance: 6mm
Retraction Speed: 60mm/s

Drying Settings: 100˚C for 6h
(Only if the material has absorbed moisture)

Annealing Settings: 80˚ for 6h

  • Do you need to anneal PolyMide™ CoPA?

PolyMide™ CoPA displays outstanding mechanical and thermal properties when fully crystallized. The printed part will not reach full crystallization after the printing process, an additional step is required: Annealing.
You can anneal PolyMide™ CoPA by placing your part in the oven at 80˚C for 6h.

  • Spool Dimensions? 

1kg cardboard spool:
Spool Inner Hole Diameter: 55±1mm
Spool Diameter: 200±1mm
Spool Width: 65.6±2mm
Spool Weight: 140±7g


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