Positron V3.2 Compact Printer DIY Kit by Positron3D (LDO Kit)

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Please note: This is a pre-sale product and falls under our pre-sale refund policy. West3D is an official launch partner with LDO Systems, and an original supporter Positron project. 

Need Printed Parts? We have them here.

Second Shipment is now open - this is expected to ship to us mid-August. We will update timelines as they become available.

This is a super compact, foldable, printer that takes minute to set up once built and seconds more to take down. In this small package it still boasts a 180x180x170 build volume! Let's print different.

This is provided as a DIY kit, you will have to assemble as well as provide your own 3D printed parts. If you need parts printed for you we can provide the service, just let us know! (product listing for printed parts is pending)

Introducing The Positron: The Ultimate Portable 3D Printer

The Positron is a compact, foldable 3D printer designed for those who need printing on the go—whether you're in the office, at a job site, or traveling the world.

Innovative Design:

  • Compact and Portable: The Positron fits into a standard filament box and features a clever kinematics system that maximizes its 180mm³ build volume while printing upside down.
  • Quick Deployment: Go from folded to ready to print in just about a minute.


  • Airport-Ready: The Positron has passed through major U.S. airports without issue when TSA guidelines were followed. Travel with peace of mind, but be sure to adhere to specific checkpoint instructions.
  • Low Power Consumption: Runs on a 24 Volt, 200 Watt power supply, making it ideal for printing on the move—on a boat, in a van, or even on a cruise ship.

Customization and Connectivity:

  • Expandable Main Board: Add a Filament Runout Sensor, integrated PSU, extra cooling, and more to tailor The Positron to your needs.
  • Connectivity Options: For loading prints via Wi-Fi, Ethernet, or mass storage, regardless of how busy the venue is, you can always rely on USB and Ethernet connectivity!
  • We Use Klipper!: Using Klipper, this printer is your own! Customize the macros to make it do whatever it is you want, we made sure that all of the RGB lights are fully adressable.


Join the Community:

Explore more about The Positron and join the Wiki and Discord at https://positron3d.com/. Share your projects, learn from others, and collaborate to push the limits of 3D printing.

Get Started Today!

Enjoy the freedom and versatility The Positron offers. Have fun, and let's print different!


Build Volume


Product Dimensions

200x200x70mm (Folded )                                                                                    200x200x270mm (Unfolded)


Net Weight

3Kg Approx.

Weight with Pelican Case

5.5Kg Approx.

Supported Filament


Filament Diameter


Printing Speed




Nozzle Diameter

V6 type 0.4mm

Hotend Max Temperature


Build Surface

Glass Bed

Heatbed Max Temperature


Levelling Mode


Display Screen

3.5” LCD Capacitive Touch Screen

Power Supply

Desktop 24V 200W

Slicing Software

Superslicer, OrcaSlicer etc.,



Raspberry Pi


Controller Board

Customized LDO Positron Mainboard


LDO Positron Assembly Guide: https://www.ldomotion.com/p/assembly/Positron-V32

LDO Positron Printed Parts Link: https://github.com/Positron3D/Positron/tree/main/Printed%20Parts


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