POWGE & GATES VORON 2.4 Motion Set - Black or Silver


Color: Silver
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GATES? I think it's just the belts. POWGE likely for the idlers and pulleys.

I'm pretty certain that the pulleys and idlers aren't made by GATES. When comparing images of GATES idlers against the parts provided here, the flanges are actually a bit wider than the GATES variant.

If you want actual GATES idlers and pulleys, you'll probably need to get the Berserker motion set offered elsewhere on this site where it actually says "Genuine Gates" in front of the pulleys and idlers.

That being said, the Belts themselves are GATES. And I have no particular complaints about the pulleys and idlers themselves. I was just trying to get rid of a VFA problem that I had been having and I had heard that GATES idlers mesh really well with belts with GT2 teeth since they were the ones that created the GT2 standard.

Because you can't buy individual GATES pulleys and idlers on this site, I ended up sourcing them elsewhere because I was going nuts trying to eliminate every possible variable and yet those VFA's kept appearing.



Excellent kit with some caveats

The kit is fantastic. D cut shafts are nice and straight, 80T pulleys have zero wobble, pulleys and idlers spin smoothly and are machined very nicely. More than enough belts to have some extra length after install (Never cut them flush!). Overall I’m very pleased with this motion kit. The bearings are decent, I’m a fan of repacking them myself, but I’ve heard raindew bearings are nice enough so I’m going to try them out. My only gripes with this kit is the 6mm toothed idlers are not gates style. Gates style idlers fit the gantry much nicer than the thinner POWGE idlers, but both are considered BOM spec. The POWGE idlers will work, they will find center and constrain the belt path properly under tension. The other gripe is the anodizing finish is kinda blotchy. It’s good enough as most things in this kit are going to be hidden by belts covering them up, but figured it was worth mentioning. Anywhere the anodizing is thin or blotchy will typically be where a belt will eventually be sitting. This is no fault of West3D.


West3D and POWGE have partnered up to provide you with a range of motion kits. If you want to take care of your motion components (minus rails) with all the best quality parts, this POWGE with GATES kit is what you want. 
Product Name
Voron 2.4 Motion kit 
Chloroprene Rubber(CR) and Aluminum alloy and Steel 
The Color of Pulleys
Sliver or Black 
The Belt of Length
5Meters LL-2GT-6(6mm wide) + 5Meters LL-2GT-9(9mm wide)
The list of kit
GT2 Open Belt LL-2GT-6 (6mm wide) --- 5M (GATES)
GT2 Open Belt LL-2GT-9 (9mm wide) --- 5M (GATES)
GT2 Belt Loop (6mm wide) --- 188mm 4pcs (GATES)
GT2 20T Pulley (5mm bore) ---3pcs
GT2 16T Pulley (5mm bore) --- 4pcs
GT2 20T (9mm wide) Pulley (5mm bore) --- 4pcs
GT2 20T (6mm wide) Toothed Idler (5mm bore)---2pcs
GT2 20T (9mm wide) Toothed Idler (5mm bore)---4pcs
GT2 80T (6mm wide) Pulley (5mm bore)---4pcs
F695 2RS Bearing --- 20pcs (RainDew)
625 2RS Bearing --- 12pcs (RainDew)
5x60mm Shaft -Grind Flat --- 4pcs
5x30mm Shaft ---------------- 1pcs

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