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Secondary Color: Ambrosia Voron Red ASA
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Mostly Good But...

I wanted to love this parts kit for the Voron Trident but I have to say, I'm a little disappointed. Let's get the good out of the way. The quality is very high for the most part. No complaints with the quality of the parts I received. The problem lies, however, with the parts I didn't receive. I was sent the wrong cover for the Stealthburner toolkit. I should have gotten the half cover with the chamber thermistor included in the LDO Kit, but I got the full cover instead. Next, I got the wrong Z Endstop piece. I got the Voron Design one, not the LDO design one made to fit the PCB. Next, I didn't receive the skirts that mount the fans. This seems like an essential part, I would not personally run the printer with zero cooling on the electronics, but I guess W3D thinks it's fine, since they don't include those in the kit. Next, no ADXL accelerometer mount. Next, no BTT screen skirt mount. This one is forgivable since I guess technically it's not REQUIRED so maybe it's unfair to include this but I'm putting it here anyway. As for the other nit pick I have, the packaging had zero bubble wrap or foam so if UPS had been rough and crushed the package at all, it's likely some parts would have broken. That about wraps it up. For $130 I would expect to include the correct parts I requested and that I wouldn't have to reprint anything. Guess next time I'll go with PIF. But the LDO Trident kit from W3D, but stay clear of their printed parts if you want a good experience.

Hi Tyler,

Please reach out to us regarding the LDO specific parts that were missing, these are covered under our guarantee and should have been included.

When purchasing parts as Functional only the parts we print are as PIF states (yes, this is the part list that doesn’t include skirts, screen mounts, adxl etc.) these are intended to be printed once your printer is completed.

Alternatively, our complete parts kits include functional plus all the cosmetic parts so you end up with a complete kit,

I am sorry to hear we did miss some LDO specific parts, that we will replace right away.


Only received part of my order. Had to initiate a charge back because seller promised to ship remaining pieces and never did. Unacceptable.

Unfortunately customer was offered replacements for the printed parts or a full refund (though his printer was up and running with our parts when he reached out). Fortunately the bank that initiated the chargeback was able to review the transaction and communications and agreed with our assessment and our repeated attempts to solve the issue. Customer refused to respond to these requests and ultimately the chargeback was decided in our favor.

We build our store upon our reputation of being trustworthy and fair, if you ever have a problem with an order (it can happen where we make mistakes) we will work with you to solve the problem expeditiously!

Excellent printed parts

I ordered the full printed parts for my Trident kit (including Stealthburner) and it was definitely worth it for me.

The parts I received from Jeremy through West3D were beautiful and of outstanding and professional quality. The tolerances were unbelievable. I was amazed at how smoothly all the pieces fit together with the printed parts, whether screws, bearings, gears or other components. I just shook my head impressed when all the small parts fit and locked in perfectly for the Stealthburner. It made the build much less stressful knowing that I have reliable parts that fit as expected.

I can 100% recommend printed parts for your Voron build from West3D. Jeremy also provided post sales support and advice which was above and beyond.


The "Print it forward" (PIF) Program is great and we recommend it. However, if you're not able to wait for your printed parts we've got your back. 

These parts are printed using recommended profiles, but are not part of or affiliated with the PIF program.  The parts printed are those listed as functional provided parts kit by the PIF program.

Primary color parts are by default printed in Black - please let us know if you'd like a different color and we will try to accommodate you. By default, you have a choice of secondary colors. 

Please make your color, board, and hot end selection before adding to the cart. If you have special instructions please include them (eg mods, stealthburner etc.)

Printed parts usually ship within 5 business days but may take up to 3 weeks.

Pictures are representative of color, parts may be for another model in the picture.

Please note, this item is excluded from our free shipping deals because it has to be shipped in a separate, large or heavy box. We charge a flat rate for shipping that is usually less than what we pay.

As with our other products your satisfaction is important to us, if there is anything you think we can improve please let us know. Because these products are made to order and to your specific configuration, we can only accept cancellations or refunds on orders not yet printed. We may make exceptions for orders not shipped within 3 weeks of an order being placed. If any issues arise during your build using our parts we will correct them free of charge. 

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