Printed Parts for Voron Trident

Secondary Color: Ambrosia Voron Red ASA
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Good quality parts, but missing a few critical items

I really wanted to rate this 5 stars, or even 4.5 but it didn't quite make it. The parts themselves are fantastic, both visually and functionally. The parts came in bags that were roughly grouped by function (e.g. panel clips, electronics bay, etc) but labeling the bags and including a BOM with reference to the bag # would be very helpful. Be sure to check ALL the bags, even the alternate color bag, when looking for a particular part. Now the reason for 4-stars: My order was missing several pieces that are functional parts. It was also missing one part I specifically asked for and one part LDO calls out in their directions (the CW cable cover with thermistor mount). Luckily I was able to print the really critical pieces in PETG on my existing printer and the rest on my completed printer in ASA. In the end these missing parts were an irritant not a show-stopper but are not indicative of a 5-star product. Would I buy again? Yes.


High quality parts and amazing colors! Highly recommend the galactic blue!


The parts were great. They look awesome. The only issue which is being really picky is that the parts were in sealed bags, so when you try to open them, the parts go everywhere. Also, there are no labels on the bags to what parts or area is in the bag. It's not a real issue since the parts are great looking.


The "Print it forward" (PIF) Program is great and we recommend it. However, if you're not able to wait for your printed parts we've got your back. 

These parts are printed using recommended profiles, but are not part of or affiliated with the PIF program.  The parts printed are those listed as functional provided parts kit by the PIF program.

Primary color parts are by default printed in Black - please let us know if you'd like a different color and we will try to accommodate you. By default, you have a choice of secondary colors. 

Please make your color, board, and hot end selection before adding to the cart. If you have special instructions please include them (eg mods, stealthburner etc.)

Printed parts usually ship within 5 business days but may take up to 3 weeks.

Pictures are representative of color, parts may be for another model in the picture.

Please note, this item is excluded from our free shipping deals because it has to be shipped in a separate, large or heavy box. We charge a flat rate for shipping that is usually less than what we pay.

As with our other products your satisfaction is important to us, if there is anything you think we can improve please let us know. Because these products are made to order and to your specific configuration, we can only accept cancellations or refunds on orders not yet printed. We may make exceptions for orders not shipped within 3 weeks of an order being placed. If any issues arise during your build using our parts we will correct them free of charge. 

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