ProtoPasta Recycled PLA Filament (Cardboard Spools - 1KG)

Color: Black
Sale price$19.99


West3D is pleased to introduce another line of filaments to our lineup, made in the Pacific Northwest - ProtoPasta is a premium line of filaments.


  • Recycled! Compare to Black PLA

    Protopasta has values quality, reliability, and creativity. It seeks to reduce waste in their production and like West3D to build relationships in our community.

    ProtoPasta has taken many steps over the years to ensure its commitment to these values. We’ve collected our high-quality waste stream and turned it into high-quality recycled filament. 

    • An original, one-of-a-kind Protopasta Recycled PLA filament
    • Made from our very own rescued waste stream
    • Compare to Black PLA, but with some sparkles based on waste stream
    • Fully compounded to ensure consistency throughout a batch
    • Designed & produced by Protoplant exclusively for you


    Safety Data Sheet

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