SK6812 RGBW 5v LED (Similar to NeoPixel)

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Item name:  SK6812 RGBW

IC type: 1 IC drive 1 led chip ( build in IC ) (The default is the chips with IC integration)

R: RED       Wavelength: 620-630NM  

G: GREEN Wavelength: 515-525NM  

B: BLUE    Wavelength: 460-470NM

W: White Color 

RGBW    = RGB + White (6000-7000k)

RGBWW = RGB + Warm White (2700-3000k)

Description: Top SMD Type 0.2 Watt

PIN configuration:

NO 1,  Symbol: VDD     Function description:  Power supply LED.

NO 2,  Symbol: DOUT  Function description:  Control data signal output.

NO 3,  Symbol: VSS     Function description:  Ground.

NO 4,  Symbol: DIN     Function description:  Control data signal input.

Absolute Maximum Ratings: ( Ta=25 ℃,VSS=0V )

Power supply voltage  Symbol: VDD   Range: +3.5V - +5.5V

Logic input voltage      Symbol: V(IN)  Range: -0.5 – VDD+0.5V

Working temperature   Symbol: Topt   Range:-40 - +85 

Storage temperature   Symbol: Tstg   Range: -50 - +150 

ESD pressure              Symbol: V(ESD)  Range: 4KV



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