SOVOL SV07 and SV07 Plus -Klipper 3D Printer - All-metal hot end auto bed leveling (ABL) Direct Drive


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The difference between the SV07 and the SV07 Plus is primarily the build volume, the SV07 has a 220x220x250mm (~8.6x8.6x9.8") build volume, the SV07 plus sports a larger 300x300x350mm build volume (~11.8x11.8x13.8")

Sovol SV07 / SV07 Plus

The Yeh:

This 3D printer runs Klipper out to the box, this saves over the SV06 where a dedicated display/klipper solution would be required (Klipper is our preferred firmware)

The SV07/SV07 Plus have WIFI out of the box

This 3D Printer is Open Source and has a strong community of users behind it

This 3D Printer comes mostly assembled and is simple to put together

This 3D Printer packs an good price (low)/performance(medium) ratio in the industry for the build volume and features

The SV07 Plus has a great 300x300x350mm build volume, letting you print large prints in one go!

This 3D Printer has auto bed leveling which will make your life so much easier

The SV07/SV07 Plus both sport a rear auxiliary fan, for improved overhangs and cooling performance

The Meh:

This 3D Printer uses traditional v-slot wheels, these potentially impact speed performance over using something like linear rails or smooth rods

The 3D printer has bed leveling screws which while convenient is also something we prefer to avoid in favor of a more rigid design

The overall speeds the printer pushes are OK, there are higher performance printers (at a higher cost) on the market

The Verdict:

This is a great upgrade from an entry-level printer. The price is great for the performance and the printer is sure to deliver solid performance. Klipper out of the box gives you a lot of room to make this printer your own with custom macros and modifications.

Some details from SOVOL:

Sovol SV07

5 Inch Klipper Screen

The Klipper touchscreen has great function options like height map and input shaper. It is customizable to suit your other printing needs. The Klipper firmware can make SV07 / SV07 Plus print at 250mm/s even you can speed up to 500mm/s.

Planetary Dual Gear Direct Drive Extruder

It provides SV07 / SV07 Plus with a higher drive ratio and a lighter motor, making extrusion more accurate.

300℃ High Temp All Metal High Flow Hotend

All metal hotend with larger melt zone enables SV07 / SV07 Plus to print at fast speed and various materials, satisfying your demand for high temp and high speed.

LED Light

Added light set under the extruder is good to help observe the prints at night and it will make your prints look beautiful. You could capture these shining pictures of your creations and share them with your friends.

Sovol SV07 Klipper 3D Printer, Fast 3D Printer, Sovol 3D Printer

Planetary Dual Gear DirectDrive Extruder

With Sovol's self-developed All Metal Direct Drive Extruder that comes with a planetary dual gear set, SV07 / SV07 Plus offers a higher drive ratio and lighter motor for precise extrusion. We also have added a large external knob to make feeding easier, so you can focus on your printing project with minimal interruptions.


300℃ High Temp All MetalHigh Flow Hotend

SV07 All-metal hotend comes with a larger melt zone, which makes SV07 print at 300℃. An extra large fan at the rear of the extruder offers triple airflows to quickly cool prints and achieves good layering for better results. It makes the high speed and high temperature possible. No more PTFE replacements or firmware flashes are needed to print with different materials easily, like ABS, Nylon, Carbon Fiber, PC, PETG, Wood, etc. (Enclosure still required for printing above 260℃)

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