SOVOL SV08 - 3D Printer inspired by the Voron V2.4

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 Sovol SV08

Need an enclosure? We've got you covered here. Nozzles? We have them here.

The Yeh:

This 3D printer is inspired off of the Voron V2.4, one of our favorite printers on the market. 

This 3D printer runs Klipper out to the box and while not quite a Voron it does have a fair number of mods that are cross-compatible

The has WIFI out of the box

This 3D Printer is Open Source and has a strong community of users behind it

This 3D Printer comes mostly assembled and is simple to put together

This 3D Printer packs a fantastic price (medium)/performance(high) ratio in the industry for the build volume and features

The SV08 has a great 350x350x300mm build volume, letting you print large prints in one go!

This 3D Printer has auto bed leveling which will make your life so much easier

The SV08 uses linear rails which provide superior performance over traditional motion components

The SV08 is a flying gantry Core-XY printer with with most of the features you'd look for in a modern 3D printer

The Meh:

This 3D Printer doesn't use 2020 or similar extrusions, making some standard modifications more difficult to use

The SV08 uses injection molded parts, this also reduces some of it's ability to be modified

The electronics compartment fan is very loud

While it's inspired off a 2.4, it is delivered a price that comes with some compromise  in quality of parts/components vs. sourcing a Voron from a reputable source like West3D

We really wish it came with a touch screen as a default, as well as an enclosure.

The Verdict:

This is a fantastic printer that will out perform any it's in price range.  

Some details from SOVOL:

Sovol SV08

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