Stealthburner / Stealth AB upgrade kit

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This kit comes with components that will help you transition from an Afterburner to a Stealthburner. If you purchased a BDF kit, including any of your extras we already covered, this kit should round off any additional fasteners needed. Of course, we included extras.


Included are:

3 x M3x50 SHCS - Stainless Steel 

3x M3x6 FHCS (not pictured)

9 x M3x25 SHCS - Stainless Steel

25 x M3 Threaded Inserts - Brass

4 x Neopixel LEDs

1 x GDSTIME 5015 Blower Fan

1 Meter Black PTFE Wire 30AWG

1 Meter Red PTFE Wire 30AWG

1 Meter White PTFE Wire 30AWG (not pictured)

1 LED Clear Resin Diffuser :) 


Optional: Add OMC/Stepperonline Nema 14 36mm Pancake Stepper Motor 14HR07-1004VRN

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