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About the Stepper Motor Analyser:

The BLE Stepper Motor Analyzer (‘the analyser’) is a low-cost, open source system that analyses stepper motor signals and displays the data in real time on a computer screen. The system includes two parts:

  1. The Stepper Motor Probe (‘the device’). This is a small electronic board that monitors the currents through the stepper motor wires, extracts information such as steps, and speed, and transmits the data via Bluetooth BLE.

  2. The Analyzer App (‘the app’). This is a Python program that runs on a Windows, Mac OSX, or Linux PC, and displays the stepper information in real time in a graphical view.

The following block diagram shows how the device and the app related to the controller and stepper motor of an existing system such as a 3D printer.

System Block diagram
Stepper Motor Analyser Block Diagram

Included with the Stepper Motor Analyser

  1. Analyser PCB Module
  2. Sticker Antenna
  3. Parts for JST XH harness (no tools needed for assembly)
  4. JST XH Power Harness

Software available anytime via GitHub

Stepper Motor Analyser Design Highlights

  • The device is passive and does not interfere with the operation of the stepper motor, regardless if it is in use or turned off. Furthermore, the stepper signals are galvanically isolated from the electronics.
  • Embedding the device in a 3D printer is simple. It has a small footprint, operates on 7-30 VDC, and can use a small external sticker antenna that overcomes shielding by the printer enclosure.
  • The device firmware can upgraded by users using a standard USB cable, no tools or adapter required.
  • Each device has its fixed unique address such that multiple devices can be used and addressed independently (e.g. one for each stepper motor in your printer).
  • Open BLE and Python APIs supports custom monitoring apps, such as specialized analysers or mobile apps.


  • Power consumption: 7-30 VDC, 1W.
  • Firmware update connector: USB Type C.
  • SOIC Module: ESP32-WROOM-32U-N4.
  • Current measurement: +/-2.5A per coil.
  • Antenna: 2.4Ghz external antenna IPX IPEX connector.
  • Protocol: BLE 4.1 or higher, with Data Length Extension feature.
  • Current sensors CC6920BSO-5A
  • Zero calibration Using onboard button.
  • Count direction User selected (doesn’t change motor direction).
  • Sampling rate 40Khz per channel.
  • Sampling resolution 12bits.
  • Current accuracy estimated at +/- 2%.
  • Max step rate 5K full steps/sec.
  • Step resolution 1/100th of a full step.

Stepper Motor Analyser Open Source information

You can find out more, including how to install it into your 3D printer, how to use the app, and how to read the output at the github page.

Setup Guide Video

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