Sunon 5015 Premium Blower Fan MagLev Suspension Bearing 24V


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James Foutch
Product worked as expected. Shipping and fulfillment was awful

Exactly as the title says. I likely won't be buying from west3d again because I can't understand why shipping one small item took nearly two weeks to get to me. It wasn't the fault of USPS, once USPS got the package, I received it promptly. West3d just seemed to forget they had a package to give to the post office.

Nick Chelf
Awesome Fans!

I didn't actually purchase this fan from West3d (I didn't even know they carried them). I was looking for a better 5015 fan and found this one elsewhere. Either way...

This is is AWESOME, Super high airflow, much better than the cheapo 5015 blowers. If you're looking for additional cooling.. This is the ticket.


Absolutely awesome quality both from West3d and Sunon. I should have bought these fans in the first place, but I ended up being cheap with a set of Winnsin fans… after nearly driving me deaf, and developing so much rattle and noise within 2 weeks I thought they’d blow up, I went with these. So much quieter it’s not even a comparison, and flow significantly better. Long, easy to strip wires. Thanks West3d, I’ll be purchasing more from you soon!


Sunon MagLev is a premium fan option that will reduce noise over some traditional fans and also have increased longevity due to its dual ball magnetic suspension bearing system.

Model: MF50152VX-1L02C-A99
Size: 50*50*15mm
Voltage: DC24V
Current: 70mA/Max.81 mA
Power: 1.95W
Rated Speed:6000RPM+- 10% at rated voltage
Noise: 43.8dB(A)
Air volume: 4.8CFM

Static Pressure: 0.76inch-H.O
Bearing: MagLev Suspension Bearing

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