Titanium Backers for Voron 2.4/Trident with screws 3-Pack

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Build Size: 250mm
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Great product

Easy to install

Breeze to install, looks good, and I did notice input shaper improvements

Made my taco more like a pizza

They did what they were supposed to do. I had some additional issues with my gantry that these didn't solve, but overall they made it better. My remaining issues need a slight disassembly to fix and I'm doing it later. for now its made my bed mesh very repeatable.


These are supposed to solve an issue where due to different thermal coefficients of linear expansion between steel (rails) and aluminum (extrusions), the Voron V2/Trident gantry forms a sort of giant bimetal temperature sensor element. This causes a warping of the gantry as it heats up with increasing chamber temperature.

These are approximately 3.2mm thick, order based on the size of your build x/y build volume at a 1:1 ratio (e.g. a 250mm Trident would order 250mm version of backers). This comes in sets of 3.

What’s worse than buying something like these and not being able to use them? Well a lot, but that would still stink. Because we want you to have the best experience possible we include 22 M3x8 Flat Head Cap Screws (FHCS) and 10 M3x6 FHCS enough to cover you with a few extras. You will need about 30 TNuts (roll-in or hammerhead)- our BDF kits, and many “kits” come with plenty of spares. If you need more let us know we can set up a one time sale for whatever you need.

$10 of each sale will be donated to the Voron Design team.

More information can be found here.
A modified Cable Bridge part can be found here.

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