Toolhead Cable V2.4/Trident Teflon (FEP) 14-pin Wiring Harness 2.1m and 1.9m

Size: 2.1m
Sale price$26.99

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Almost perfect

Bad first. It’s a smidge short for my v2.4 350mm.
Good: So much better and simpler than trying to crimp yourself. Replacement is now easy just pop out the old cable and throw a new one in. I paired this with a the LDO breakout board.

Scott W
Perfect for my V2.4!

The harness that came with my LDO kit finally started breaking wires after 1000 hours, and this harness was a drop in replacement. Seems well made and works great. I'll see how many hours I can get out of it!

Chris Warnock
For someone new to crimping wires, this was such a timesaver

And so to me it was worth every penny. I used this as the umbilical to my V2.4 print head. One of the 14-pin plugs got connected to the PCB and the other end... I chopped it off and ran those 14 wires down through a sleeve toward the electronics bay. There I was able to add pins to the ends and have a robust custom wiring harness that looks good despite my rough crimping skills.


We have FEP Toolhead 14-pin harnesses!

  • Built to Specs and perfect length (2.1m works with 350, 300, and 250) use 1.9 for less slack on a 300 and 250mm.  
  • pre crimped and ready to go
  • fits V2.4 & trident
  • 20AWG higher strand count, slick and flexible wiring FEP (AWM1332)
  • 200C insulation
  • 300V

These harnesses are made by West3D's wiring kit provider.  These pair well with the LDO Breakout board

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