Toolhead Cable V2.4/Trident Teflon (FEP) 14-pin Wiring Harness 2.1m and 1.9m

Size: 2.1m
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Chris Warnock
For someone new to crimping wires, this was such a timesaver

And so to me it was worth every penny. I used this as the umbilical to my V2.4 print head. One of the 14-pin plugs got connected to the PCB and the other end... I chopped it off and ran those 14 wires down through a sleeve toward the electronics bay. There I was able to add pins to the ends and have a robust custom wiring harness that looks good despite my rough crimping skills.

Austin Busch
Works as described.

Very good cabling for my V2.4. using the chains my previous LDO cable snapped causing prints to fail, thankfully West3d came to the rescue with a affordable high quality replacement cable. This cable can be ran with the umbilical mod if the parts are printed out properly or can be used in the factory chains.


We have FEP Toolhead 14-pin harnesses!

  • Built to Specs and perfect length (2.1m works with 350, 300, and 250) use 1.9 for less slack on a 300 and 250mm.  
  • pre crimped and ready to go
  • fits V2.4 & trident
  • 20AWG higher strand count, slick and flexible wiring FEP (AWM1332)
  • 200C insulation
  • 300V

These harnesses are made by West3D's wiring kit provider.  These pair well with the LDO Breakout board

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