V6 Plated Copper / Titanium Alloy Hotend Kit

TrianglelabSKU: TR0010274

Sale price$29.99


This is a great little V6 hot end kit from TriangleLab. It includes:

  • V6 Plated Copper Nozzle (.4mm)
  • V6 Plated Copper Heat block
  • Titanium Alloy Heat Break
  • V6 Heatsink
  • 3010 Fan
  • 3010 Fan Bracket
  • 40w 24V Heater Cartridge (6x20mm)
  • 104GT-2 Thermistor Cartridge
  • Silicone Sock

If you plan to print with materials over 290C, please also add a PT1000 thermistor or other high temp variant.

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