Vinyl Sticker Decals

Style: Voron Design
Sale price$5.99


Want to flare up your workspace, make your 3D printer print faster? Then you need these stickers.


Each sticker is made from vinyl and is rated for both indoor and outdoor use. These are die-cut with a clear background to take on any color you place them against.


The approximate sizes are:

1. Voron Design: 1.94” x 6”

2. Voron Printed Parts Logo: 6.1” x 7”

3. Voron Printed Parts Logo LARGE: 10.06" x 11.55"

3. West3D 2” x 3.77” 


These products are not affiliated with Voron Design, the voron design sticker is of their design. The Voron Printed Parts logo was designed by conqueror433 (GitHub) and is distributed in accordance with its licensing requirements.

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