Voron Stealthburner (SB) High Temp Carbon HTN Nylon

Hot End: Mosquito
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Quality prints. Came through when I needed it.


As always quality parts & lighting fast delivery even on the other side of the world! Thank you & keep up the good work!

Stealthburner Beta as of Aug 10th, 22

Print quality is GREAT. Material is superb.
Stealthburner RC1 was posted on July 20th, I was assuming this would be RC1 compatible by Aug 10, but it wasn't. I think I'll still be able to use with my Revo Voron and the beta [a]_stealthburner_main_body.stl

Not that I've had any issues with my ABS printed toolhead parts, but so far I've only printed ABS. Also note that this is just the 2x printhead parts not the front plate or parts from the clockwork 2.


These parts have a heat deflection temperature of 220c and melt temperature of 265c which will withstand anything you decide to throw at your printer (heat wise, please don't actually throw anything at it).


Please note, the picture is illustrative of an actual product but may not match the picture of the hot end you select - trust that we will provide you with the correct part matching your request. Please also note, we include as a courtesy heatset inserts for these parts, they will not be installed but available for your use.

Rapido parts are currently still for Rapido 1, we are working to bring in Rapido 2 parts shortly.


Stealthburner Parts use Clockwork 2 (CW2 - circular motor) rear pieces - you may use these with a CW1 setup by printing your own rear piece.