Voron Tap Fastener kit (updated)

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The TAP kit did it come with magnets -a star but the excellent customer service adds that star back.

Jason Barnard
Great kit, but missing one crucial componant.

This kit has high quality screws, washers and heat inserts. For almost all items they include one extra over what the BOM (Bill Of Material) requires. This is great in case you lose one or have that rare one with bad threads. It is a great kit except it is missing the two 6mm x 3mm N52 magnets which are needed to complete assembly. In fairness, these are not listed as included with the kit and some could argue this is a "fastener kit" and magnets are not fasteners per se. But all the other kits I have seen for this on the Internet do include the magnets. These magents can be found for less than $.25 each and really should have been included. I would have paid the extra $.50 to save me from sourcing them separately. For this I give the kit 4 stars. Other than that, it is an excellent, high quality kit.


Tap is a drop in replacement for the X carriage which includes a nozzle probe mechanism. For Voron Trident and V2 printers. This kit is updated as of 5/24/2023 to the most recent revision.

If you need N52 magnets they are available here.

Because sometimes screw monsters eat things we include some extras. Here is what is included:

Description West3D Tap Kit Included
M3 Heatset Inserts 15
M3 Hex Nut 5
M3x0.5 Washers (7mm OD) 10
M3x20 SHCS 4
M3x16 SHCS 5
M3x12 SHCS 5
M3x6 SHCS 3
M3x6 FHCS 4
M3x12 BHCS 4
M3x8 BHCS 4
M3x6 BHCS 14
M3x50 SHCS 4

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