Voron Trident USA Frame Kit


Size: 250mm
Color: Black
Sale price$130.00

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Easy setup for 350 build

No issues here. Took some time measuring and squaring like any other frame but other than that if went together fast

Colten Meredith
Great frame!!

I bought a Trident configurator, this was the frame I got. Very nice extrusions with a great quality coating. All the over reviews are from people who got the older extrusions made from a different supplier; these are the real deal

Don't buy if you have plans for the weekend

Extrusions are reasonably straight, however machining is way sub par: out of all extrusions in the kit, only one (!) was cut to the specified length; all others were 0.5-0.7mm longer. Not a single hole in the extrusion faces was drilled to spec; blind joint holes at the ends of the B extrusions were off by ~1.5mm, Y axis mounting holes were off by ~2.5mm, center hole in C extrusion was off by ~3mm, etc. Blind joint threads are a bit rough but functional.

I decided not to bother with returning this kit, waiting for replacement and spending yet more time rechecking the new kit for a new set of defects in favor of fixing this one. The results were expectably fugly but functional (if you ever tried to redrill existing holes in metal you know what I mean) so I decided to proceed with assembly...

...only to discover that extrusion ends are not cut square: when blind joint fasteners are loose, the frame is easy to straighten out and confirm that every corner is at 90 degrees but when the screws are tightened, the frame will get crooked. I had to shim _every_ corner in two dimensions, constantly rechecking everything for squareness.

In the end I got this frame acceptably straight and square, however between two attempts at assembly, redrilling, adjusting, and shimming, any time savings I hoped to gain by buying a kit were lost. It would have been easier and quicker to fabricate the frame instead.

This is not worth $150. I could do a better job with a hacksaw and a cordless drill.

Worked with customer to better understand the issues faced. In the end, we apologize for the poor experience, we don’t sell items that are sub-par, it’s just not what we do, and this isn’t the typical experience we’ve seen when we reached about the frames. In this particular case it appears an error was made.

Because we value customer satisfaction and guarantee our parts against defect, the full sum of the item was refunded. We apologize for the inconvenience you faced on this item, we have met and discussed this in detail and have followed up on recent orders to confirm this as an isolated event.
Daniel @ West3D


This USA finished aluminum T-Slot frame for the Voron Trident Frame kit comes with everything you need to complete your frame - including all required screws for blind joints (Included are M6 black oxide bolts, if you're buying West3D's fastener kit enjoy these extras!) If you wish to use Corner Cubes (like OpenBuilds) instead of blind joints be sure to add them to your cart.  

To avoid potential damage to the extrusions each is individually wrapped and then wrapped together before cuts or drill/tapping are done. Shavings will be present which should cling to our wrap. There may also be some oils that can be removed as part of the cutting process. As a precaution it is recommended you wear gloves when first unwrapping or wiping the extrusions.

Black frames typically ship within 3 business days, Silver may take up to 7 business days. 

Sizes available are 250x250x250, 300x300x250, or 350x350x250. If you need a custom size email us at info@west3d.com


Please note, this item is excluded from our free shipping deals because it has to be shipped in a separate, large or heavy box. We charge a flat rate for shipping that is usually less than what we pay.


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