Complete Assembled Voron V0.1 PCB Pancake Stepper Board W/Connectors

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This board ships complete with all required connectors, receptacles and pins. No need to buy anything additional.

Pancake Board

The pancake board is a passive tool board mounting on the back of the MiniAB pancake stepper of the Voron 0.1. The board solidly mounts with 20mm brass standoffs to the back of the mini after burner mounting screws and provides JST PH connectors (2mm pitch) for the two part cooling fans, the hotend fan, a thermistor, two switches (for example the X endstop + a klicky probe) as well as the stepper. The heater output is provided as a 2x1 Molex Microfit connector and all terminals are terminated onto a 2x7 Microfit.

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