Voron V2.4 USA Frame Kit

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Size: 250mm
Color: Black
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Lester Tucker
First voron frame

This was my first ever voron frame. It went together very well and looked great!

Solid deal

These extrusion kits are worth every dollar! I admit, the ones I received needed a little cleaning, but West3d mentioned that in their description at the time. Most all shavings came of with the clear wrapping and they cleaned up nicely with a rag and acetone. I checked all dimensions and assembled... was out of square by 2mm. Got my hands on a 24"x 24" piece of granite, took everything apart, and trued the ends with some light sanding across all similar lengths. Reassembled the frame using some printed corner jigs and PRESTO! Square and true! Great product!

Candace Turk
Wish I had found this sooner

Little history first. I had bought one of those cheap 3D machine kits to see if I really would enjoy this hobby, before investing in a full build of a really high quality machine. I did and do enjoy so I started by buying my frame for my Voron. Took 3 vendors to find a really good kit. I had received and returned 2 other kits (different vendors), due to poor cuts and tapping. This is the first kit that I have had no complaints with. The cuts are clean and accurate. The tapping was well done. This kit was perfect. As I have a very limited budget for purchasing my Voron parts so I have to get them bits at a time. The fact that this kit included the hardware to assemble the frame was a bonus that I greatly appreciate. It was well packaged and arrived earlier than I expected. I will be ordering from West 3D again. Next up the rails. Thank you West 3D!


This USA finished aluminum T-Slot frame for the Voron 2.4 Frame kit comes with everything you need to complete your frame - including all required screws for blind joints (M6 for frame! If you're buying West3D's fastener kit enjoy these extras!) If you wish to use Corner Cubes (like OpenBuilds) instead of blind joints be sure to add them to your cart. 

To avoid potential damage to the extrusions each is individually wrapped and then wrapped together before cuts or drill/tapping are done. Shavings will be present which should cling to our wrap. There may also be some oils that can be removed as part of the cutting process. As a precaution it is recommended you wear gloves when first unwrapping or wiping the extrusions.

Black frames typically ship within 3 business days, Silver may take up to 7 business days.

Please note, this item is excluded from our free shipping deals because it has to be shipped in a separate, large or heavy box. We charge a flat rate for shipping that is usually less than what we pay.

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