West3D BDF Stainless Steel Fastener Kit for Tri-Zero

Color: Stainless (Silver)
Sale price$11.99


West3D's Stainless Steel Fastener kit for Tri-Zero (A Voron 0.1 derivative) comes with all the fasteners (and extras of each in case a the screw monster eats one) you could need for your Voron build. If you want the best damn fastener ("BDF") kit on the market, that won't make that beast of a printer you're building cry when its covered in rust, this is the kit you need.

Below are a list of parts included, their quantities and associated material.

Description Quantity Material
M2x6 SHCS 12 SS304
M2x8 SHCS 6 SS304
M2 Square Nuts 14 SS304
M3x8 BHCS 20 SS304
M3x10 BHCS 16 SS304
M3x12 BHCS 16 SS304
M3x14 BHCS 12 SS304
M3x16 BHCS 12 SS304
M3x20 BHCS 4 SS304
M3x25 BHCS 4 SS304
M3x30 BHCS 4 SS304
M3 Hexnut 40 SS304
M3 Heat Set Inserts 40 Brass


If you also need a hex key set, we've got you covered. See our set here. 

Please follow recommendations for the best threadlocker application for your use (Loctite® Threadlocker Blue 242 is what we recommend).

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