West3D BDM Trident Motion Set - Silver / Darkside (Black)


Color: Silver (3DMP Edition)
Sale price$54.99


West3D’s custom Best “D” Motion (BDM) kit provides an amazing value and high quality. We have upgraded this kit from standard ungraded bearings to Rain And Dew ABEC7, included genuine gates belts (more than enough for a 350mm build) and high quality pulleys and idlers.

Product Name
VORON Trident Motion Set
Chloroprene Rubber(CR) and Aluminum alloy and Steel 
The Color of Pulleys
Sliver or Black
The Belt of Length
6Meters LL-2GT-6(6mm wide) 
The list of kit
GT2 Open Belt LL-2GT-6 (6mm wide) --- 6Meters (GATES)
GT2 20T (6mm wide) (5mm bore)---3pcs
GT2 20T (6mm wide) Toothed Idler (5mm bore)---2pcs
F695-2RS Bearing----20pcs
5x30mm Shaft ----------- 1pcs
GE5C Spherical Bearing----3pcs

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