West3D Pins Mod - Pin-mod for V2.4 and Trident Pin Mod Standard and Ultralight


Style: Aluminium (Ultra-Lightweight)
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Pins Mod

Used these for pins mod with my trident and Berserker bearings. I had to fiddle a little with swapping pins and bearings around and ended up slightly sanding one pin to get a fit but overall worked well!

Josh Wyse
Incompatible with LDO bearings

I can't seem to edit my previous 1-star review. By themselves, these pins are well machined and finished, and work well with the F695-2RS bearings that West3D sells.

But if you're like me, and building a kit from LDO: note that they do not work with the F695-2RS bearings that came with my LDO Trident kit. I can't say whether the West3D pins are oversized, and/or the LDO bearings are undersized vs spec, but they don't fit - even with hours of sanding, filing, freezing. My suggestion is to go ahead and buy West3D bearings for a reliable fit with these pins.

Five stars for West3D support; they verified dimensions and sent a replacement set of pins and one of their bearings to test fit. Unfortunately, they still didn't fit the LDO bearings.

Josh Wyse
Slightly oversized pins

The pins I received were about 5.01mm diameter, too big to fit in the F695 bearings I received in an LDO Voron kit. It might be possible to tap them in with a hammer, but I haven't been able to get the bearings and washers aligned precisely within the printed parts while driving the pin. I've wasted a lot of time and money trying to get these to work, just to have to print the standard parts and use M5 bolts after all.

Hi! Please reach out to us about these we’d like to send you a replacement set and validate these for QC. The diameter of these are supposed to be less than 4.95mm as measured with a micrometer. It’s possible you got a defective set!

Our guarantee for issues like this has no time limit so regardless of when this was purchased please reach out!


A popular mod for Voron V2.4 and Trident - West3D has your pin-mod ready to purchase with a single (or a couple) clicks! 

Included are:

Smooth Pins/Shafts: 

30mm x 2

28mm x 6

40mm x 4

43mm x 2

The Ultralight version uses lightweight aluminium pins and provides an approximately 63% weight savings. The picture is of the ultra-light, standard are silver.

Need other pins? We have them here.


For more information on this mod check out the Voron mods page.

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