West3D Printing MGN9H-1R-150/300/350/400 Linear Rails with Carriages (CNA)

Length: 150mm
Color: Silver
Sale price$14.99

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Nice rails

These rails are working great on my Voron 0. Just clean them and lube them and they have worked flawless for me for over 200 hours!

Solid Rails

Using these on my trident build, no complaints at all!

Ryan Dodsworth
Had issues.

Bought four rails in Feb 2023 for some planned Voron 2.4 maintenance. Just got around to opening them in the last couple of weeks. None of them seem very smooth. They tend to grab in several spots along the rail very noticeably and movement is not consistent at all . Even after cleaning the carriages and lubing again with EP2 they still tend to grab but one is slightly better. Maybe just unlucky but I likely won't be using them for this build. Full disclosure here I have not talked to West about the rails yet.

West came through big time. They were on top of it as soon as they saw I had some issues. Customer service was awesome. Still looks like I have an issue with one rail but they've got that under control. They stood behind their product despite my long lead time on inspecting them and offered solutions that I had not expected. Thanks West for all your help on this order. Looking forward to more in the future.

Hello! Please reach out to us so we can check these rails out and refund you as this would fall under a satisfaction guarantee. I apologize you’re not satisfied with these, we’ve had tremendous luck and positive feedback with these.

It’s highly unusual having have multiple bad rails, as our defect rates are low on these and generally these are well regarded. Most of the complaints we have received stem from expecting a light pre-load / high clearance (looking for carriages to free fall, or slide without effort without load), whereas these are medium to heavy preload, to reduce any axial play you may find. This does require tighter tolerances.

For others interested in how to check the rails:
Please check the rails by placing them on a flat surface, and with 2-3 lb of pressure slide the carriages back and forth, it should be firm but smooth. If it is not then there is an issue with the rail.


These rails are a result of a collaboration effort with CNA (BOM Sourcing Guide Recommended) and West3D. We went to them and asked them to think of our use case and design their rails specifically for high speed (and high vibration) 3D Printing. This resulted in us selecting a heavier than standard pre-load (a slight reduction in clearance between the rail and the carriage).

We then moved to improve the design aesthetic over what CNA typically ships. This gave us black carriage end caps and added our West3D logo on the carriage in a way that is tasteful and helps break up the traditional matte silver in the carriage block. We also made sure they provided us carriages with grease ports for your added convenience.

Lastly, we said why shouldn't these be stainless steel, I mean that's kind of our thing.

The result are these rails. We went through and tested 10 rails before listing these, all of our tests provided for a stiff (re: pre-load) but wonderfully smooth glide - especially compared to the standard 'kit' grade rails we tested.  

 Note: if your rails come with grease on the rail, this is pre-applied mobilux ep2! This is not shipping grease!

Note - for a Voron V2 (and other)  users you require rails 50mm larger than your bed size, you will need multiple of these rails (please check your BOM if you're making build to confirm how many mms you need and the correct quantities).

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