West3D Stainless Steel Fastener Kit for Voron Trident (BDF)

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great for my trident, plenty of extras

Black looks great if you dont want the stainless look

Great kit many spares

Great kit with lots of spares for mods and extras! !!!! I went with the black, only minor issue is some of the hammer nuts have some edges/buildup you might need to knockoff to get them to twist in! Still 5 starts due to all the spares!

Nice Kit. (Regular Sainless Version)

It's nice to not have to buy 100 of each fastener, yet it's also nice to have some spares. This kit lets you have the best of both worlds!

This kit contains extras for when that M3x8 goes flying (and you can't find it) or you get a bum roll-in T-Nut, but not so many spares that you can build an entire extra printer with what's left over.

It has worked out really well so far for me. 10/10 would recommend.


West3D's Stainless Steel Fastener kit for Voron Trident comes with all the fasteners (and extras of each in case a the screw monster eats one) you could need for your Voron Trident build. If you want the best damn fastener ("BDF") kit on the market, that won't make that beast of a printer you're building cry when its covered in rust, this is the kit you need.

Below are a list of parts included, their quantities and associated material. We carry these in both traditional 304 stainless steel, as well as 304 stainless that has gone through electrophoresis to add a wear resistant black coating on them (this is not black oxide which is gross). We have tested these fasteners against other suppliers, and even other sellers and can tell you definitively this is the best, and most complete kit on the market.

If you are using a Misumi Frame our roll-in tnuts do not roll in, this is a known issue with these frames. You may experience similar issues with LDO frames.

Beginning with orders shipped after 12/13, BDF kits will include 3 #4 3/8 FHCS for filtered inlets for your added zen.

Description BOM Quantity BDF Quantity
M5x40 Socket Head Cap Screw (SHCS) 10 12
M5x30 Button Head Cap Screw (BHCS) 6 8
M5x16 Button Head Cap Screw (BHCS) 42 44
M5x10 Button Head Cap Screw (BHCS) 55 60
M5 Roll-in T-nut 69 75
M5 Hexnut 15 17
M5 1mm Spacer 22 24
M4x6 Button Head Cap Screw (BHCS) 7 10
M4 Knurled Nut 3 5
M3x8 Socket Head Cap Screw (SHCS) 131 150
M3x6 Flat Head Cap Screw (FHCS) 14 17
M3x6 Button Head Cap Screw (BHCS) 34 37
M3x40 Socket Head Cap Screw (SHCS) 6 8
M3x30 Socket Head Cap Screw (SHCS) 21 24
M3x20 Socket Head Cap Screw (SHCS) 8 10
M3x16 Socket Head Cap Screw (SHCS) 16 20
M3x12 Socket Head Cap Screw (SHCS) 65 70
M3x12 FHCS 2 13
M3 Washer 2 3
M3 Threaded Insert (M3x5x4) 52 57
M3 Roll-in T-nut 74 95
M3 Locknut 6 8
M3 Hexnut 2 4
M3 Hammer Head T-nuts 65 70
M2x10 Self-Tapping Screw 20 22


If you also need a hex key set, we've got you covered. See our set here. 

Please follow recommendations for the best threadlocker application for your use (Loctite® Threadlocker Blue 242 is what we recommend).