West3D Stainless Steel Upgrade Fastener Kit for Voron V0.2 (BDF) - SS304 Silver / Black

Color: Stainless (Silver)
Sale price$7.99


West3D's Stainless Steel Fastener upgrade kit for Voron V0.2 comes with all the fasteners you need for your Voron build if you're moving from a V0.1. If you have an existing BDF kit for a V0.1 you will have extras still! If you want the best damn fastener ("BDF") kit on the market, that won't make that beast of a printer you're building cry when its covered in rust, this is the kit you need.

Below are a list of parts included, their quantities and associated material.

Description Quantity Material
M3 Nut 20 SS304
M2x8 SHCS 10 SS304
M2x6 FHCS 10 SS304
M3x6 BHCS 10 SS304
M3x8 BHCS 15 SS304
M3x10 BHCS 5 SS304
M3x16 BHCS 5 SS304
M3x30 BHCS 2 SS304
M2x10 Self Tapping Screws 15 SS304
M3 Brass Inserts M3x5x4 50 Brass

 If you also need a hex key set, we've got you covered. See our set here. 

Please follow recommendations for the best threadlocker application for your use (Loctite® Threadlocker Blue 242 is what we recommend).

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