Wiring Harness for Voron Trident with PCBs


Sale price$79.99


We have been looking for a reasonable alternative to what seems like very costly wiring harnesses that take it a step above your standard low cost options (e.g. PVC) and this is it. This pre-crimped harness comes with all wire (including mains) and holding brackets to help clean up your wiring. 

This kit comes pre-crimped for an Octopus controller board, a Dragon / V6 Hot end and X/Y microswitch PCB endstop, z PCB endstop and comes with power connectors standard for the Tyco Power Inlet and ZF Rocker switch. The kit wires are provided at length for a 350mm build, however will work with smaller builds as well (with extra wire of course). We are working on getting this out for other options and to shorten wires for smaller builds.

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