Community Innovation Fund makes its start at RMRRF 2023 - Congratulations to our winners - West3D 3D Printing Supplies

First off, if you missed Rocky Mountain RepRap Festival 2023 you should really try to make it for 2024. The event was well attended and the amalgam of makers who traveled from around the globe to be there were a wonderful treat to all who attended. 

From finally getting a piece of 3D Printed Chocolate from a Cocoa Press, to hanging out with an R2-D2 - it was a blast!

But the greatest part of it all was putting the addict... err generosity of our customers to work. 

West3D and Community Innovation Fund, a domestic non-profit whose goal is to support the maker community through its logistic and financial contributions, sponsored the event's Maker Prizes (see here). With the generous support and partnership of LDO Motors who provided a 250mm Trident Kit we gave:

1. Favorite 3D Print - 250mm Trident Kit + West3D Accessory Package (Titanium Backers, Kinematic Kit, Mobilux EP2) - Winner: Will Harris (back row, third from right)

2. Most Innovative Project - $1000 Cash - Spent Coffee Ground Printing - Winner: Michael Rivera

3. Most Useful/Functional Part - $500 Cash $100 West3D Gift Card - Multi-point capacitive touch sensing - Winner: Sandra Bae

4. Community Favorite Project - $600 Donation to Colorado Children's Hospital - R2D2 - Winner: James Fambrough


Thank you for an amazing time, we hope to see you there next year!