West3D Acquires 3D Maker Parts - West3D 3D Printing Supplies



West3D LLC. announces acquisition of 3D Maker Parts (3DMP).

West3D and 3D Maker Parts share a commitment and focus on the community, providing quality products at affordable prices and excellent customer service. While we are sad to see a beloved vendor of the Voron 3D Printing Community close operations, we are happy to be able to carry on the tradition set by 3D Maker Parts. 

We see this as a win for the 3D Printing Community. For the past few months, West3D has slowly acquired 3DMP inventory and some customers have already received parts with 3DMP branding. Over the coming months we will continue to integrate our product offerings, bolstering our current unapparelled catalog with new products and suppliers. While West3D will not be absorbing the entity 3DMP (which will cease to operate), 3DMP will be transferring ownership of it's domain, online store, license to use branding, and business contacts to West3D in a cash for inventory deal to allow it to continue offering its service.

As part of the acquisition, West3D will be offering support for 3D Maker Parts customers. If you have any questions about what this means for you, please reach out to info@west3d.com.  


Thank you Umer, we wish you the best on your next adventure!