December 1 2022 - Updates from West3D - West3D 3D Printing Supplies

Seasonal Appreciation

West3D is only a little over a year old, 'we' (Daniel, with some support from his 6yo son) started last holiday season working out of a 2-car garage. Looking back at last year and reflecting on where we are today, words cannot convey the gratitude I have for your trust and support. In uncertain economic times, many businesses are closing their doors or struggling to make ends meet. From your support West3D continues to grow and expand its operations, hire staff, and give back to our community. We couldn't do any of it without you.

While you plan your next build, or that upgrade to squeeze out a bit more performance from your 3D printer, please also make sure to take a moment to support your friends and family, and those in need of your time and attention. We will be here for you when you get back. 

Take care, no matter how you celebrate the end of the year, I wish you the best from the bottom of my heart. 

Daniel McKay

Owner - West3D LLC.


Black Friday / Cyber Monday update and shipping timelines

Thank you for supporting our small business over this past weekend, we registered over 350 orders in 4 days! To put this into perspective, we typically see a little over 500 orders a month. Your generosity is very appreciated!

We are working extra time to get orders out in a timely fashion, but our typical 1-day lead time will be extended for the week as we work to catch up. If you have an urgent order, we are prioritizing priority mail and UPS air shipments to make sure urgent orders are still taken care of immediately.

Printed parts orders will experience likely an extra week of lead time as we work to catch up on those as well. Configurator Orders (custom kit builds) will take at least the 4 weeks estimate we typically provide. ACM panels may see another slight delay as we work out process, logistics and pick-ups from our local maker space.

Thank you for your patience and understanding, if you have any questions please feel free to respond to this email.


Deez Nozzle and Community Stewardship

You may be aware, West3D is the US supplier of Deez high flow tungsten carbide nozzle. This was released to some fan fare, however we have received some information that is making us take pause on future sales. The internal geometry was not produced to specification, and because of this there are reports the flow is not high but closer to a standard V6 Nozzle. We've dealt with QC issues before with tungsten carbide nozzles that have spurred us to work with our suppliers and led us to the best nozzles we have seen to date. We will be working with the supplier of Deez to make similar improvements. 

Part of running a trusted marketplace is owning up to products that don't meet expectations. Community stewardship is important to us. We have removed this product from our inventory and as we have done in the past, we will issue a voluntary recall of these nozzles and spacers. If you have purchased a Deez product from us you will be offered a full refund and a pre-paid return label, or if you wish to keep the product (it performs as a normal nozzle/spacer would) we will offer a 50% credit to be used for any products in our store.

Because our community promise extends beyond the products we sell, West3D is continuing with its planned donation to STEM programs and projects based on the sale of these products. 


Meet the Maker's series and our YouTube Channel

We are on YouTube!

Check out our content, we are adding new things frequently! This coming week we are launching the Meet the Maker series, an open question and answer interview with people who make the cool things we love to use! Hope to see you there!

Move to bigger places and the future at West3D

We are growing! Already out of the garage in May 2022, in Mid-December 2022 West3D is moving its warehouse to a bigger and better location! (8175 SW NIMBUS AVE. Beaverton OR 97008). This is close to our current location, however offers us more than twice the space. This is needed, as anyone who has been to our HQ lately can attest. We are full. 

This move will afford us more space to expand operations, hire staff, offer new products and services, and speed up our fulfillment time. Local customers will have pickup options not currently available (e.g. after hours)... and we also hope to have our own dedicated studio / show space!

Moving into 2023, West3D will continue its community focus and its commitment to Voron Design products. We will be adding more new products, onboarding new community partners and offering new services locally. More printer support is coming and we will be looking to support more economical native Klipper printers.

Thank you for your time and reading our update. We hope you have a great rest of the year. We will provide more of these types of updates if you find them valuable.

West3D Team