LDO Motors 42STH48-2804AH & 2804AH(S55) / AC Super Speedy / Super Power High Temp NEMA 17 Stepper Motor - High Performance High Temperature (Normal and S55)

LDO MotorsSKU: 42STH482804AC

Rating: C Class (Standard) (AC)
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James Collom
Super fast and powerful stepper motor

I purchased these steppers in an effort to speed up my printer. I have a hotends that pushed the original LDO steppers really hard and my print head moton was not able to keep up. So I upgraded with these motors and new 5160 pro steppers. After I set everything up and adjusted a few configuration options which were pretty basic, I speed tested my Trident and the x/y movement was crazy fast. My hotends and my x/y movement have gotten me active printing volumetric speed is over 150 and my new hotend should get me over 250 - 350mm3.. I only wish I purchased these sooner.

Jury still out

The 2504(s) with higher torque had better input shaping than these with 48v on the 5160(s). Seeing very high vibrations with these. Working on trying to get these configured to work well


This is a super big boy, made for the highest speed of speedy applications. This motor comes with a 1 meter wire terminated with a 4 pin JST-XH connector. We carry these in AH (high temp) and AC (standard class) 

This is an evolution of the 2504 speedy motors, with greater holding torque and a higher power rating (2.8 vs 2.5a).  

  • NEMA 17.
  • 1.8° Step Angle.
  • 200 Steps Per Revolution.
  • 2.8 Amp
  • 420mN-m Holding Torque.
  • 48mm Body.
  • 24mm Output Shaft (5mm diameter) (S55 version has a 55mm Output Shaft)

Technical Specifications can be viewed here.

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