LDO Voron Trident Kit (Rev C)

Size: 300mm Cube (pre-sale)
Frame Color: Black
Sale price$1,249.99

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West3d is the only place I shop for what my printers need! The best service hands down l! Also the people there actually care.

G Keil
Excellent customer support

I bought the 300 cube trident in December of 2022. I had no idea what I was doing and when I had questions, West 3D was fast to respond and help me out. I have since bought quite a few components from them and every time shipping was fast and the parts were top notch quality! I’ve ordered things from other Voron vendors in the past but will be sticking with West 3D for the future. This printer has been rock solid and just as reliable as my Prusa which I’ve had a few years

Great Trident kit

The LDO Trident 300 kit in Space Gray was my first Voron, which I purchased in March 2023 and have over 2300 hours of print time on it to date (October 2023). It is a beast of a machine, and I couldn't be happier with it. West3D and LDO provide great support both during the build process and any issues that may arise later on.

Cannot recommend highly enough.


OUR LDO KIT COMES WITH A FREE RASPBERRY PI 4B, Revo Voron, updated wiring and Touch Screen (RevC). If you don’t want the Raspberry Pi let us know and we will provide you with a $40 credit!

Please Note: This page contains both in-stock and pre-sale items. Please note your selection to know whether or not you are purchasing a pre-sale or an in-stock model.

IN-STOCK vs PRESALE: If a kit is in-stock that means we physically have the kit in the warehouse and it is ready for shipping. Presale means we don't have that kit on hand, you are purchasing a kit that we are waiting to receive.

All current kits are Rev C which includes a Revo HotEnd from LDO/E3D with a .4mm and .6mm nozzle! If you want to change to a different hot end just let us know, we will provide a $70 credit towards any other hot end in the store.

Raspberry Pi is included on this batch at no cost

Additional upgraded items are:

  • New Stealthburner toolhead board
  • Added chamber thermistor
  • Upgraded flexible toolhead cables which are harder to break

Want to swap a frame color for another? Check our stock of LDO Trident frames here. We are happy to swap any LDO frame color for our kits with any other we have in stock!

No other promotions may be stacked with any other LDO Kit Promotion. If you wish to use a promo code or any other promotion in conjunction with a 3D Printer Kit we recommend you place them on separate orders to avoid cancellation of the order or hold of shipment.
Price includes US sales tax and shipping.

 Note: Printed parts are not included. 

Want titanium backersGet $30 off for bundling them with this purchase! (Discount added at checkout).  (Temporarily disabled through the rest of BF/CM weekend.)

For information regarding this kit please visit: LDO Documentation Page


See LDO's build notes.

Please note: pre-sales fall under a special provision of our refund policy. 

Features & Extras

  • Stainless Steel Linear Rails - No more worrying about rusty rails. Remember to properly lubricate your linear rails!
  • Toolhead PCB - Our kit includes a toolhead PCB. In addition, we designed a toolhead breakout PCB to make wiring at the controller end simple and straightforward.
  • Brass Heatset Insert Tool - We've included a custom machined brass tip for your soldering iron, use it to install heatset inserts with ease! Check here for more information.
  • Input Shaper Tool- We threw in a toolkit that includes all the necessary parts to help you perform input shaper calibration, hassle free.
  • Pre-cut & Pre-wired - Our kit includes all necessary wiring: cut to the right length and pre-crimped or soldered to their respective parts. See our detailed wiring guide here.
  • Touch Screen Display - We've replaced the standard 12864 LCD with an IPS Capacitive Touch Display to use with KlipperScreen.
  • LED Lighting - Bring lighting to your Voron with included LED strips and all necessary wiring!
  • Nevermore Filter - We include parts for an optional internal circulation filter: the Nevermore Micro V5 by 0ndsk4 (carbon pellets not included due to shipping restrictions).
  • Klicky Mod -  In addition to the included Omron inductive probe, We also provide the parts to build your machine using the optional Klicky mod by jlas1.
  • Small Tools - We include a small set of hex wrenches for all the fasteners used in the build (Preparing your own set of good quality hex wrenches is still recommended). Also included is a small flat head screwdriver that is useful in a surprising number of situations.
  • 2mm Drill Bit - Metric drill bits may not be very common in some parts of the world, so we included one. Use it to ream the filament path in your printed extruder parts.



  • Printed Parts Guide (LDO supplement) - Are you planning on printing parts before the kit arrives? Read our supplementary print guide to see which parts to print/replace/omit.
  • Wiring Guide - We created this supplementary wiring guide to go along with the included cable kit. We recommend reading the guide ahead of time: Some cable routing is required while you assemble the mechanical components.
  • Tuning Guide - We highly recommend reading over this very detailed tuning guide by Ellis to help print out the best possible looking parts.
  • Cable Chain Guide - See our short guide here for tips on our included cable chains (also known as drag chains).
  • UK2.5 Terminals - See this short guide for tips on using the UK2.5 terminals included in our kits.

Build/Review Videos



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