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Nitehawk-36 by LDO is a toolboard featuring RP2040 MCU, TMC2209 stepper drive, ADXL345 accelerometer, and USB port. Nitehawk-36's USB-based connection method allows for a simple and easy setup compared to other CAN toolboards. The USB connection also allows for a secondary USB port to connect your nozzle webcam or eddy current probe.

If you're looking for the Nitehawk-SB specifically designed for the Stealthburner Toolhead you can find it here.


  • Convenient wiring, no more complicated and error-prone breakout cables - Nitehawk only requires 24V power and a USB connector to the RPI host.
  • USB Klipper connection, no additional software or hardware setup compared to CAN.
  • Secondary USB port, an onboard USB port allows you to connect a second USB device to your toolhead without running an additional umbilical cable.
  • Custom toolhead cable, a single combined USB data and power cable rated for drag chain use, but can also be used in an umbilical configuration.
  • Convenient Input Shaping, run input shaper calibration at any time with an onboard accelerometer.
  • Tacho enabled HEF, the hotend fan port is three-pin tachometer compatible, allowing for additional diagnostics and safety.

System Overview

The Nitehawk system consists of two PCBs and the Umbilical Cable. A simplified wiring diagram is shown below:

  • Nitehawk-36, this is the main PCB, which houses the MCU, stepper driver, fan drivers, and other circuits.
  • Umbilical Cable, this is a custom flex cable that is rated for drag chain use. It delivers 24V power to the main Nitehawk PCB while also carrying USB data.
  • USB Adapter, this simple PCB combines 24V power from the power supply and USB data from the Raspberry Pi into a unified connection to the main Nitehawk PCB via the Umbilical cable.

 More information can be found here.


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