NiteHawk Stealthburner USB Toolboard SB PCB by LDO Motors

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Lack of LDO documentation made the install harder to understand

Eaiser than CAN!

Upgraded my Trident so I could drop most of the cable chain issues I have had over the last 2 years.



Easier than Canbus but doesnt fit V0


Nitehawk-SB by LDO is a toolboard specifically designed for the Voron Stealthburner toolhead. It is a toolhead PCB featuring RP2040 MCU, TMC2209 stepper drive, ADXL345 accelerometer all integrated into one board. The form factor of Nitehawk is based on HartK’s two piece stealthburner toolhead PCB but with some minor changes. 

Nitehawk uses USB communication with the RPI rather than CAN. So the software and hardware setup is far simpler and familiar to most people who have setup Klipper printers before

If you're using this for a toolhead other than the stealthburner check out the Nitehawk-36.


  • Convenient wiring, no more complicated and error prone breakout cables - nitehawk only requires 24V power and a USB connector to the RPI host.
  • USB Klipper connection, no additional software or hardware setup compared to CAN
  • Custom toolhead cable, a single combined USB data and power cable rated for drag chain use, but can also be used in umbilical configuration.
  • Convenient Input Shaping, run input shaper calibration at anytime with an onboard accelerometer.
  • Tacho enabled fans, both hotend and part fan ports are three pin tachometer compatible, allowing for additional diagnostics and safety.

System Overview

The Nitehawk system consists of three PCBs and the Umbilical Cable. A simplified wiring diagram is shown below:

  • Nitehawk-SB, this is the main PCB, which houses the MCU, stepper driver, fan drivers, and other circuits.
  • Fan Adapter, this is simple PCB receives the part fan, hotend fan, and neopixels and connects them to the main Nitehawk PCB via headers. The main purpose of this seperation is to allow the Stealthburner front to be easily detactable for maintenance.
  • Umbilical Cable, this is a custom flex cable that is rated for drag chain use. It delivers 24V power to the main Nitehawk PCB while also carrying USB data.
  • USB Adapter, this simple PCB combines 24V power from the power supply and USB data from the Raspberry Pi into a unified connection to the main Nitehawk PCB via the Umbilical cable.

 More information can be found here.


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