Phaetus OmniaDrop Extruder for Flexible Filaments Standard (assembled) and Simplified (hardware kit) Editions


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Print’s flexible filament amazing.
Serious pain to mount to your individual printer and for example on the ender 5+ i had to make all custom wire adapters in order to make it work also the bed center will be offset and may loose print volume do to the mounting can be fixed through modification and code adjustment but it was a lot of work to get operating as intended. Also if you’re wondering the simplified version means you need to print the plastic body and fan piping and the files are found on GitHub MAKE SURE YOU PRINT THE CORRECT FILE BECAUSE ONE FILE HAS NO MOUNTING HOLES.


- The OmniaDrop V3 is an all-in-one extruder that was designed to print the most flexibles filaments on the market reliably and accurately; and it can also print any other filament with its highly responsive extrusion system.  It is with a compact design due to a 5:1 planetary geared Nema 17 pancake stepper motor and size-optimized extrusion components.

- It uses a New Dual Drive gear module of 0.3 with an optimized teeth profile to get a perfect grip on all kinds of filaments. These ultra-fine gears ensure a smoother motion and a significant extrusion force of up to 155N. These new dual drive gears are made from a RNC hardened steel which means a HRC hardness of 60+ and surface hardness of HV3300+, which greatly enhances the life span of these gears.

- The part cooling system was designed to get the optimal airflow from a 4010 blower fan and achieve a 360° cooling effect due to the part cooling fan duct geometry.The hotend cooling system vents the air upwards so that high temperature filaments like ABS, ASA, PC and Nylon have the best possible chance to print successfully (less chance of warping).

- The Ring Heater was designed to have an even power density and as such achieve an optimal temperature distribution around the nozzle, with very fast heat up times. (280℃, 50s) The Ring Heater temperature control and measurement is very responsive due to the Copper Nickel plated housing.

- The manual wheel makes it is very easy for filament loading and  unloading.

- 3D printed main body can be redesigned to fit most 3D printers on the market.

- The OmniaDrop V3 is mirrorable. There is no need to buy any additional components to have a mirrored version of the OmniaDrop V3. All the metal parts are symmetric, only the 3D printed parts need to be reprinted mirrored

Thermistor used is a 104NT 

Here you can find step files for Prusa and Ender3 mounts.

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