Phaetus / TriangleLab Rapido Hot End (Hotend)

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Style: High-Flow
Color: Black
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We now stock the TriangleLab PT1000 variant as well as the standard thermistor version. If you want the PT1000 version please make sure to select from the PT1000 options. We purchase both from TriangleLab and Phaetus, these are the same product but in different packaging. 

HF (high flow) variant comes with one v6 style Plated Copper .4mm Nozzle, UHF variants come with two plated copper nozzles (one volcano style one v6 style), an adapter nut and an extra UHF silicone sock AND all HF parts. 
The war rages between plastic and our desire to melt. Here comes the Rapido, an insanely 'fast' hot end with a melt rate estimated at up to 75mm³/s (45mm³/s for HF variant). At only one-hundred dollar this hot end competes with Slice Engineerings Magnum+ at a fraction of the cost. Another thing, this thing heats up FAST, wow - you're going to have to find time to get your coffee later (who am I kidding, you still have to wait for your bed...)
We also have Rapido Socks here in case you feel the need for an extra.

Rapido hotend has a unque copper alloy cylindrical melting zone wrapped in a high-powered ceramic heating element so that it has a more uniform heating section and a shorter heat transfer path. Therefore, greater flow and heating efficiency can be achieved.

        The thin-walled surgical-grade stainless steel heat breaker and three titanium screws make the entire structure more robust. With the heat sink firmly in place, the nozzle can be changed with one hand, and the heat breaker will not be easily damaged by collisions during printing.

        The detachable groovemount adapter allows for dual use of groove mount and screw mount. The rapido hotend has 16mm bolt circle diameter mounting screw hole same as the dragon hotend. Pre-set nozzle thread depth keeps leaks from happening again.

        The rapido hotend has the same overall dimensions as the Volcano hotend with V6 or compatible nozzles installed by default. it can be used as a direct replacement for the Volcano hotend while having a higher flow rate (up to 45mm³/s) and the same extrusion accuracy than the Volcano.When the rapido hotend is fitted with a volcano nozzle and melting zone extender, it has a even higher flow rate (up to 75mm³/s) while maintaining a relatively small size and weight.

High Flow Rapido Hotend

What's in the box?

Rapido-hotend Pre-assembled          x1

Groove Mount Adapter                       x1

M2.5x5 screws                                   x4

M2.5x8   screws                                 x4

Tube Collet with Clips                        x2

T-V6 Plated Copper Nozzle 0.4         x1

Hexagon Wrench kit                          x1

HF Silicone Sock                               x1

Thermistor extension cable               x1

Heater extension cable                     x1         




Ultra High Flow Rapido Hotend

What's in the box?

Rapido-hotend Pre-assembled                       x1

Groove Mount Adapter                                    x1

M2.5x5 screws                                                x4

M2.5x8   screws                                              x4

Tube Collet with Clips                                     x2

T-V6 Plated Copper Nozzle 0.4                      x1

HF Silicone Sock                                            x1

T-Volcano Plated Copper nozzle 0.8              x1

UHF Silicone Sock                                         x1

Melting zone extender                                    x1           

Hexagon Wrench kit                                       x1

Thermistor extension cable                            x1

Heater extension cable                                  x1


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